Required fields

  • 2 bedrooms, a sitting room with a fireplace
  • 2 double beds, 3 single beds
  • 1 crib, 1 extra bed
  • kitchen with cooker, oven, refrigerator, coffee machine and kitchenware
  • sauna, shower, toilet, fireplace
  • TV, radio
  • outdoor grill, bonfire place

The holiday house lies in Orjaku, 800 m away from the port of Orjaku, in the immediate vicinity of the Orjaku manor, which was founded in 1603. However, only the park and a couple of buildings are left of the old manor. They are being restored.

We offer a variety of recreational opportunities on the site – barbeque or sauna evenings, fish smoking and a hike on the hiking path at Käina Bay Nature Reserve.

In addition, you can rent a yacht or a boat from the port of Orjaku, ride horses at Ristitee horse farm or go horseback riding in nature. You can also go on bicycle tours to Kassari beaches and naturally or historically attractive sites.
The holiday house, surrounded by junipers, lies beside the beautiful Eye of Orjaku (an inland bay).

When renovating this house, we have tried to maintain and develop the style of a classic summer house – large terraces, a well-lighted sitting room with a fireplace, bright colours. The latest renovation was done to improve the insulation and the heating system of the house. Now it is convenient to use the holiday house all year round.

In addition to the summer season, this house is a particularly cosy holiday place in springtime. Enjoy the first sunny days in March and watch the arrival of waterfowl between your intense workweeks.

We hope you will experience the special feeling of Hiiumaa, Orjaku and Kassari that draws people back here repeatedly.