Required fields

  • 4 bedrooms, a sitting room with a fireplace
  • 4 double beds, 1 single bed
  • possibility to make 3 single extra beds
  • kitchen with cooker, oven, refrigerator, coffee machine and kitchenware
  • sauna, 2 showers, 2 toilets, fireplace
  • TV, radio
  • outdoor grill, bonfire place
  • Address: Pühalepa vald, Valipe küla, Kuta kinnistu

The holiday house is located in the village of Valipe. When turning towards Suuremõisa-Käina at the crossroad that is about 5 km from the Heltermaa harbour, look for a small road at the left. By driving 2 km along the road, you will reach an old homestead situated on alvars, surrounded by junipers. It was the poor man's homestead, where the ground with its outbuildings and the ruins of a stone fence rose a little higher than the surrounding alvar.

We have been trying to restore the landscape of the area with the appropriate buildings and a farmyard worthy of the surrounding stony and arid nature. The ancient Valipe stronghold can be seen from the windows of the farm, just 700 m away, and on the other side are the deserted and poor alvars of Sarve. The nearest neighbours live 400 m away.

Valipe main building is built on the foundation of the former building, whereas is completely new. To achieve all the contemporary amenities, we have used all the modern solutions, while maintained the traditional materials and construction principles. All rooms are located on the first floor. The building has a traditional reed roof, limestone floors and plastered walls.

We offer a variety of recreational opportunities on the site. In particular, we recommend walking or biking to discover the municipality of Pühalepa.

Suuremõisa castle is 2 km away down the shortcut road. Orienteering skills may be needed when hiking on alvars and the neighbouring villages; however, there is no need to be afraid of reaching a dead end or an asphalt road after hiking a few hundred metres. In addition, you can go fishing for a garfish in May, or take a trip to the islets in summer.

We hope that we can make you feel as if time has stopped, and the nostalgia for which the vacation time is searched.