Required fields

  • 4 bedrooms, a sitting room with a fireplace
  • 2 double beds, 6 single beds
  • kitchen with cooker, oven, refrigerator, coffee machine and kitchenware
  • sauna, shower, toilet, fireplace
  • TV, radio
  • outdoor grill and BBQ pavilion
  • bicycle rent for an additional fee

The holiday house is located at the very end of Kõpu; another 10 km on from the Europe’s oldest operating Kõpu Lighthouse. Distance to the sea is a kilometre or two, depending on the direction you take.

Within a radius of one and a half kilometres, you will find the former Ristna military base, the North and South Capes of Ristna, the Ristna Lighthouse, and the Surf Paradise.

The holiday house lies secluded in a high pine forest. The nearest village, Kalana, is located also about 1 km from the holiday house.

This house is perfect, in particular, for people who appreciate the diverse natural scenery of Kõpu. Puumetsa suur is a good starting point for hikes to the untouched northern beach of Kõpu, to the rich forests of mushrooms and berries, or to the old villages.

The beaches of Kõpu are unique to the whole extent of the Baltic Sea. Only few European countries have such tens of kilometres long sandy or gravelled seashores without any buildings or people. The number of tourists is growing in summer even in Kõpu, however, you can still find places where you can be alone all day.

Those people who are interested in active holidays will definitely have a real experience from the activities above and below the water, offered by Paap Kõlar's Surf Paradise.

Truly a comfortable and cosy place to spend the weekends in winter and spring.